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I'm sure we can all agree that in this world we are living in today everything changes so rapidly that it's sometimes virtually impossible to keep up with it all. The average person typically just wants to just wake up, go to work, come home and repeat.

Now lets step back and take a look at Blockchain, Crypto Currencies, Digital Assets, DLT, and ILP. Most do not have a single idea what any of that means. Bitcoin what? XRP what? ETH who? My point exactly. Let me guess. Is the picture below a good representation of what you look like when you try to figure out what this is all about? Probably, Right?

The Leading Cryptocurrency Education Platform (VOREM)

We teach what crypto currency is and how to set up crypto wallets of all types. Aditionally, we will show you how to open an account on a crypto exchange, what crypto pairs are, and how to trade on exchange. You will learn how to cash in and cash out. We also explain crypto terms like, "DLT", "ILP", "XRPL", "FUD", "FOMO" and "HODL" to name a few. I'm sure you would rather look like this guy sitting down with confidence knowing exactly what is going on in the world around him regarding Blockchain Technology.

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What is Bitcoin? How does the Blockchain work?
How to Invest in Bitcoin & other Cryptocurrencies?
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Defining Cryptocurrency Education

Find over 300 short and straightforward definitions. They have all been researched and properly vetted by our cryptocurrency analysts, making our glossary the most complete in the industry.

As you navigate the website, you will also notice the complex terms are highlighted. When you click them or simply hover over them, a definition will appear through a popup, allowing you to stay focused on what you’re reading! Try it out :

BTC, the native cryptocurrency to the Bitcoin blockchain, can be purchased on cryptocurrency exchanges or mined.

Pretty cool, huh?

From Noob to Successful Crypto Investor

You’re ready to invest in Bitcoin & other Cryptocurrencies, but you feel scared and you are not sure what to do? VOREM got you covered.

Introducing the Ultimate Step by Step Guide on How to Invest in Cryptocurrency! Shayne, a successful cryptocurrency investor will guide you from A to Z.

Easily, Quickly & Safely.

VOREM MasterClass

Learn the Process Behind Consistently Profitable Trading. Most of the trading education available on the internet is centered around teaching trading systems. Learning a trading system is the easy part.

Mastering it requires work and a proven process. This is what we help traders with.

A Special Framework For This Course Called The Bitcoin Triangle

The Bitcoin Triangle acts like a map of the knowledge you are about to receive. It helps you structure your thoughts in an organised way so that everything is logical, related to what came before and therefore makes it so much easier to absorb, understand and remember.

The first triangle is getting prepared to make and save by setting up a wallet and making it secure before we continue.

The second triangle is the final step of preparation where you get to grips with making transactions and staying private.

The second triangle is the final step of prepThe final triangle can then be built on top of the foundations with the 21 ways to make and save with Bitcoin.aration where you get to grips with making transactions and staying private.